What to Expect from The Book of Fades

Hauntings, hijinks, and happily ever afters — here is everything you can look forward to in Rachel Moore’s YA debut novel THE BOOK OF FADES.

The news has been out for a bit now, but ICYMI: my debut novel is being published by Katherine Tegen Books and is expected fall 2023! THE BOOK OF FADES is my love letter to libraries and all the ghosts who may or may not be haunting them.

What you’ll find in THE BOOK OF FADES

  • Dark corners of the school library where the dust has gathered and the light doesn’t reach.
  • Copious amounts of coffee: hot, iced, leftover on the desk from where it was forgotten three days ago — it doesn’t matter.
  • A mysterious string of disappearances reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s “no body, no crime.”
  • Humor, heart, and hunky ghosts.
  • The kind of love you wait a lifetime for.

If that sounds like a good time, you can add THE BOOK OF FADES on Goodreads. I talked about my writing process in my post, How I Got My Literary Agent, so if you’re curious about hearing more, I’ll see you over there!

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